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Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High
Casino Game - King High

King High Poker™ Casino Rules


Casino Game - King High Poker™



King High Poker™ can be played in any Casino and the game is currently being developed for Online Casino Gaming. Please feel free to read through the King High Poker™ Casino Gaming Rules or download a copy of the Gaming Rules.

Playing King High poker and available odds

Wager on individual characteristics of the next drawn card (2 cards are burnt face down prior to exposing the tabled card), gradually a five card poker hand is formed which wins from as little as a pair of jacks up to a Royal Flush.

HI - 8 through Queen pays 1-1, King pays 3-2
LO - 2 through 6 pays 1-1, Ace pays 3-2
SUITS - Pay 3-1 with a reduced payout of 1-1 for a seven of the suit
SEVEN (7) - Pays 11-1

Prior to the first card players may make an additional wager on the five card Poker hand with payouts

Pair of jacks 1-1
Two Pairs 2-1
Three of a kind 3-1
Straight 15-1
Flush 15-1
Full House 15-1
Four of a kind 50-1
Five of a kind 500-1
Straight Flush 1000-1
Royal Flush 10,000-1

For further information on having King High Poker™ played at your Casino please do not hesitate to contact us.

King High - Casino Rules  

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King High Poker has Regulatory approved Rules in the Northern Territory, Australia

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